Oil & Gas Acquisition, Development and Production


NEW CENTURY EXPLORATION is a privately held E&P company with operations in the East Texas and Gulf Coast regions and a focus on long-life oil and gas resources.  New Century and its financial partner Talara Capital Management are committed to conserving strength and liquidity by spending within cash flows, with an eye toward strategic acquisitions.  

The company is striving for innovative measures to protect and enhance returns and shareholder value through more efficient procedures, and information flow between its technical and financial departments.  A diverse team with a balanced mix of skill and experience provides a competitive advantage for now and when energy markets turn back up.   


our success is driven by people

NEW CENTURY is a seasoned operator with skills covering conventional and unconventional exploration, development and production.  Our team makes every effort to observe, learn and adapt the best new energy practices and innovations.  The integrity of our team members creates company values that define our success, and we like to do business with others that share our values. 

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